Michael Botticello Jr.

My name is Michael A. Botticello, Jr. I served on active duty for just shy of 17 years, then due to a shoulder injury and multiple surgeries later I was medically retired as a disabled Veteran of the United States Navy. Knowing my naval career was cut shorter than what was originally planned, 6 years ago when the message to retire came out I asked myself, “What should I do?” I decided to take a leap of faith and take my hobby into a business. After quickly realizing you cannot make a living out of your garage doing hobby work. I then pushed myself to obtain a degree in Business Management with a Minor in Human Resources. Now armed with my degree, a business plan to do custom woodworking in a commercial environment at a commercial level, we have become a great success processing thousands of products worldwide with a great team each month growing each year!

I proudly live and work in Tennessee, just North of Memphis in small town USA with my wife Jennifer who teaches 8th-grade Algebra. We have two awesome children Madison and Michael. I thank each one of my staff members, as this dream and vision are supported by them daily. To each one of my family, friends, business vendors, and Shipmates that has supported us over the years, I thank you! For those of you that told me this was a waste of time or would never happen…“how about those apples.” Blood, sweat equity, and long hours, anything is possible.