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Custom Coin Holders LLC (CCH)

We provide custom products in hand crafted wood working, trophies, plaques, & engraving all made in the USA by Veterans.


Please note: All rank devices, coins, and pins displayed in our photos are NOT included into the cost of each product. You will be required to purchase your own coins, ranks devices, and pins at your local NEX or online at Vanguard direct site. ALL engraving requests are services for products that we manufacture. If a typo is made on your engraving it will be replaced at no charge to you, if you misspell or have an error on the engraving request contact us immediately, it may be able to be corrected before shipment. Once shipped, and the engraving request you made is incorrect you will be charged a service fee plus shipping for the correction.

Wood the natural resource- Each item Custom Coin Holders LLC creates is hand crafted from raw material lumber. The wood we use is select, cabinet grade pieces of Pine, Oak, Poplar, and in some cases Maple. Like all raw materials, temperatures and humidity can play a part over a long period of time on what your coin holder may do (flex/bow). If you keep each product in a climate controlled room and away from all liquids, there will be no issues with (flex/bowing). We recommend using any standard furniture polish to clean and dust your products with a lint free rag. We reserve the right to make modifications as needed to improve our products quality, durability, and usefulness without notice.