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We have been in business since 2008 and our mission is simple: To provide the best quality crafted wood products for a reasonable price, made by Veterans for Veterans. We currently have sold our products in all 50 states, on 4 continents, in 15 different countries to thousands of civilians, military members, veterans, and their families.

We take pride in making sure that the men and women of all uniforms receive quality handcrafted items from and made in AMERICA by other disabled Veterans craftsmanship! I have been approached several times by other companies requesting to take our manufacturing overseas to keep costs down and make a product faster and more cost efficient towards company profits. With your support, this will not happen and we strive to give you the best product with a quality material at the best price.

Navy Exchange

Our products, for the most part, are handmade with some assistance depending on the product from a CNC Router and Laser engraving machines. These pieces that are created as a piece of art, they are not to be recreated for purposes of resale unless someone has expressed permission of the owner. These products are copyrighted under US law ©2010-2017. If you need more information about our catalog of copyrights please contact our office and give us all your information, the number is 901-840-3651. We will then have our attorney's office contact you shortly.

Today we not only make military themed coin holders but also award plaques, engravings, as well as custom woodwork orders. All products are made in America, right here in Atoka, Tennessee by retired military veterans.

Most of our Products are also available in the following Navy Exchanges (NEX):

  • NEX Djoubti, Africa
  • NEX Annapolis, MD
  • NEX Arlington, VA
  • NEX Bangor, WA
  • NEX Bethesda, MD
  • NEX Charleston, SC
  • NEX, Great Lakes, IL
  • NEX Crane, IN
  • NEX Dahlgren, VA
  • NEX Groton, Ct
  • NEX Santa Rita, Guam
  • NEX Imperial Beach, CA
  • NEX Jacksonville, FL
  • NEX Key West, FL
  • NEX Kittery, MA
  • NEX Yokosuka, Japan
  • NEX Atsugi, Japan
  • NEX Kingsbay, GA
  • NEX Lemoore, CA (Main and Uniforms)
  • NEX Little Creek, VA
  • NEX Mayport, FL
  • NEX Mechanicsburg, PA
  • NEX Millington, TN
  • NEX Norfolk, VA
  • NEX North Island, CA
  • NEX Oceana, VA
  • NEX Orlando, FL
  • NEX Pax River, MD
  • NEX Pearl Harbor
  • NEX Pensacola, FL
  • NEX Saratoga, NY
  • NEX Sigonella, Italy
  • NEX Whidbey Island, WA
  • NEX Gulf Port, MS
  • NEX Whiting Field, FL
  • NEX Belle Chase, LA
  • NEX Corpus Christi, TX
  • NEX Indian Head, MD
  • NEX Meridian, MS
  • NEX Monterey, CA
  • NEX Port Hueneme, CA
  • NEX Sasebo, Japan

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